Tag & Play! Hello, this is Nemoz Lab.
Welcome to Nemoz!
We provide you with several terms of use so you can enjoy our service without inconvenience.

1. Thank you for being a ‘member’ of Nemoz
Thank you so much for using Nemoz’s service and products (‘Nemoz’). These terms and conditions of use explain the relationship between the service provider, Nemoz Lab Inc (‘Nemoz Lab’), and all the customers who are signed up on our service (‘members’) or non-members and contain information useful to fully enjoy our service. When you sign up to Nemoz as a ‘member’, you are considered to be agreed to these terms and conditions. Please read this document carefully before using our service.

2. Now, we’ll explain a few words that will be used frequently on this Terms of Use.
1) ‘Service’ means all the fields that a ‘member’ can use.
2) A ‘member’ means a customer who enters into the ‘service’ and signs a contract to use the ‘service’ with ‘Nemoz Lab’ according to these terms and conditions and use the ‘service’ provided by ‘Nemoz Lab’.
3) ‘Nemoz Account’ means an account based on an e-mail address, and passwords to use the ‘service’. You must have a ‘Nemoz Account’ to use the ‘service’.
4) ‘Activation’ means a certification system of ‘Nemoz’ in which a ‘member’ registers a unique NFC tag information or ‘Nemo Code’ information on its account. This provides ownership of all the digital content (music, videos, images, E-books, etc) that can be played by the ‘Nemoz’ app.
5) ‘Nemo Code’ is a non-seeable watermark technology that enables the camera function on the phone reads and ‘activates’ the card on your account.
6) ‘Content’ means all the productions, such as music, videos, images, E-books, etc., provided by ‘Nemoz Lab’ to the ‘members’ through the ‘service’.
7) An 'open market operator' means a provider of all e-commerce providers (including those providing payment services within the 'service') that can install and pay for Nemoz Lab (e.g. Google Play, Apple App Store, etc.)

The definitions of terms used in these Terms and Conditions are governed by the relevant laws and other general definitions, except as set forth above.

3. ‘Nemoz Lab’ provides the information on the terms and conditions and the information about ‘Nemoz’ so the ‘members’ can use the service easily.
‘Nemoz Lab’ posts these terms and conditions, the name of the business office, the name of the representative, the business registration number, and the contact information (phone, fax, e-mail address, etc.) so that ‘members’ can find it.

‘Nemoz Lab’ may revise these terms and conditions to the extent that it does not violate relevant laws such as the Act on Regulation of Terms, Promotion of Information Network Utilization and Information Protection (hereinafter referred to as the Information and Communication Network Act), Location Information Protection and Use Act, and Content Industry Promotion Act.

When ‘Nemoz Lab’ revises the terms and conditions, it specifies the date of application and the reason for the revision and notifies the current terms and conditions from 15 days before the date of application to the date of application. However, in the case of revision of the terms and conditions disadvantageous to "members", it is notified 30 days before the application date, and it can be accurately notified through electronic means for a certain period in addition to the notice

4. Enjoy the variety of content on Nemoz by signing up to Nemoz!
If you read and agree to these terms and conditions, you can apply for membership. ‘Nemoz’ grants a ‘Nemoz Account’ to use the service after completing the ‘member’ registration process with the consent of the ‘member’.
‘Members’ can use more diverse services more conveniently through their accounts. For more information, please check how to sign up for membership in the customer center.

- Age and eligibility requirements
By using the ‘Nemoz’ service, you affirm that you are 14 years or older to enter into these terms. Additionally, to use ‘Nemoz’ service and access any content, you represent that: you agree to our terms and conditions and any registration and account information that you submit to ‘Nemoz’ is true, accurate, and complete, and you agree to keep your personal information that way all times.

5. Nemoz Lab promises to protect your personal information safely.
‘Nemoz Lab’ collects personal information only within the boundaries agreed by ‘members’ for the smooth provision of ‘services.’ It is used and safely managed by the Personal Information Protection Act. Details can be found in our Privacy Policy.

‘Nemoz Lab’ may delete or separate the information of ‘members’ when ‘members’ do not have a log-in record or user history for a certain period. In that case, ‘Nemoz Lab’ provides a prior notice by e-mail, in-service notification, or other appropriate means.

6. Nemoz Lab works actively to guarantee members’ customer rights and to provide the best service, so the members do not experience any inconvenience.
'Nemoz Lab' supports 'members' to use the service as conveniently as possible. ‘Members’ can always send their opinions about the use of the ‘service’ through the Customer Center and leave questions through 1:1 inquiry for individual assistance. ‘Nemoz Lab’ will ensure that we will give you the improvement processes and results to the extent reasonable.

Also, we will try to accurately inform you of the important matters necessary for using the service. For individual matters, 'Members' will be notified by e-mail, in-service notification, or other appropriate means if they need to be notified of the service usage. If we need a notice to all the ‘members’, we will post it so that you can read the related information within the ‘Nemoz’ ‘service’.

7. Nemoz Lab does not provide unnecessary information.
If a ‘member’ gets damages due to unfair labeling and advertising activities, ‘Nemoz Lab’ is responsible for compensation based on Article 3 of the Act on Fair Display and Advertising. In addition, 'members' will receive prior consent to receive notifications to avoid sending out commercial information that is not desired by 'members' individuals. Notification (mail, push notification, etc.) will only be received when the 'members' want to.

8. Nemoz Lab takes responsibility for the compensation.
We are responsible for compensation for damages caused by ‘Nemoz Lab’ and our company. Damage caused by the operation of ‘Nemoz Lab’ is always on us, but if ‘member’ infringes on the copyright of ‘content’, the ‘Member’ bears all civil and criminal liability for it.

9. Members can edit their personal information whenever they want.
‘Members’ can read and edit their personal information from the ‘Manage Account’ page on the ‘service’ whenever they want. However, the e-mail ‘members’ used to register to ‘Nemoz’ cannot be changed. ‘Members’ should edit their personal information when it is changed, or notify ‘Nemoz Lab’ via e-mail, or other means. If you get damages from not notifying the change of your personal information, we are not responsible.

10. Members can terminate the contract of using the service at the time they want.
‘Nemoz’ will try to provide the best ‘service’, but if "members" are willing to terminate the contract to use our ‘service’, we will help them withdraw from ‘members.’ In this case, we will terminate the contract immediately by the relevant laws and regulations.
If a 'member' terminates the contract, 'Nemoz Lab' deletes all data of the 'member', and the ownership of the Nemo Card activated on the member’s ‘Nemoz Account’ is also extinguished. The extinguished ownership cannot be retrieved, and the ‘member’ cannot activate the card on the other account. ‘Nemoz Lab’ can only keep the personal information within the legal period and scope, and information will be automatically deleted when the period expires.

11. Let us tell you some of the customer obligations for using our service.
1) ‘Members’ should not use any kind of ‘content’ provided by the ‘service’ for commercial use. Other than that, ‘members’ can use the ‘content’ privately within the boundary.
2) ‘Members’ should not use the ‘content’ over the scope of permission and will be legally responsible if they perform the following acts.
① Arbitrarily reproducing, distributing, performing, exhibiting, or transmitting the ‘content’ to the public
② Any copyright infringement of the ‘content
3) ‘Members’ must not engage in any act of accessing the server and network system of the ‘service’ in an unauthorized manner or preventing the provision of the ‘service’.
4) ‘Members’ should not do the followings:
① Providing false information to ‘Nemoz Lab’ or stealing other member’s personal information
② Infringement of intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, of ‘Nemoz Lab’ or other parties.
③ Defamation or obstruction of business of ‘Nemoz Lab’ or other parties
④ Using ‘content’ commercially without the permission of ‘Nemoz Lab’
⑤ Impersonation of ‘Nemoz Lab’ or other parties, and dissemination of false information regarding ‘service’
⑥ Acts prohibited by relevant statutes, such as the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection
5) A ‘member’ is responsible for managing his/her ID and passwords, and the ‘member’ is responsible for various damages that may occur by negligence. If a ‘member’ recognizes that his/her account is being used by the other ‘member’, he/she should notify ‘Nemoz Lab’ and follow the instructions if needed.

12. Nemoz Lab can block a certain account for the convenience of the other members.
When a ‘member’ is recognized for doing the following acts, ‘Nemoz Lab’ may limit the account by waning, temporarily stopping, or terminating the member’s account.
1) Entering false information for the registration
2) Interrupting other ‘members’ when using the ‘service’ and causing threats to the e-commerce orders
3) Performing actions prohibited by these terms and conditions or harming public order using ‘Nemoz Lab’
4) Activating ‘Nemo Card’ by using a manipulated information
5) Illegal communication and hacking, and distribution of malicious programs in violation of the Resident Registration Act, such as theft of title and payment, copyright law and information network use promotion and information protection, etc. (In this case, 'Nemoz Lab' can permanently suspend the account. In the event of permanent suspension of use under this paragraph, all other benefits will be extinguished, and 'Nemoz Lab' will not compensate for this.)
6) Choosing nicknames having anti-social nuances or having possibility of being mistaken for the ‘Nemoz Lab’ or operators, artists and entertainment companies contracted with ‘Nemoz Lab’

When a ‘Nemoz Account’ is terminated according to the above conditions, ‘Nemoz Lab’ holds the personal information of the ‘member’ who has owned the account for a certain period of time, just to identify the ‘member’ and delete the data afterward. In this case, we notify the ‘member’ first and give an opportunity to vindicate the termination. When the ‘member’ can justify the dissent and it is accepted by ‘Nemoz Lab’, we reactivate the membership.

13. Nemoz Lab is not responsible for the below-mentioned categories.
1) Where 'service' cannot be provided due to wartime, accident, natural disaster, emergency, technical defect, or other force majeure that cannot be resolved by current technology
2) Where a transaction is conducted between ‘members’ or between ‘members’ and the third-party via our ‘service’
3) Damage caused by false or inaccurate status or personal information of ‘members’
4) Personal damages arising from access to ‘service’ and the use of ‘service’ regardless of their nature and circumstances
5) Damage arising from any third party's illegal access to the server or the illegal use of the server
6) Damage arising from any unlawful interference or interruption by a third party to our server or the process of transferring data to our server
7) Damage caused by all viruses, spyware, and other malicious programs that have been illegally transmitted, distributed, or distributed by a third party using 'service'
8) Damage caused by errors, omissions, and destruction of transmitted data
9) Liability for various civil and criminal matters due to defamation and other illegal acts arising from the registration of membership and the use of ‘services’ among ‘members’

14. The responsibility lies on the ‘members’ if the ‘members’ use our ‘service’ outside Korea.
‘Nemoz Lab’ does not guarantee the quality or usability of ‘service’ when a ‘member’ wants to use the ‘service’ outside the territory of the Republic of Korea. Therefore, when a 'member' wants to use 'service' outside the territory of the Republic of Korea, the ‘member’ must decide whether to use it or not according to his/her judgment and responsibility. In particular, the 'member' is responsible for following the local law in the process of using the 'service'.

15. All of the words written on this document follow the laws of the Republic of Korea.
These terms and conditions of use are defined and interpreted by the laws of the Republic of Korea, and if a lawsuit is filed due to a dispute between "Nemoz Lab" and a "member" about this "service", the court shall be the competent court in its region.

Revised on 7th June 2022
- English version added.
- Age limitations added.
- Few words are revised.

Revised on 15th July 2022
- Policy regarding the termination of contract is revised.